The Sous Vide Cooking Experience

My Experience with Sous Video Cooking

There’s this Sushi restaurant that I absolutely love to frequent when in south Florida. In fact, it is so good, I once ate their 5 days in a row and to this day still, have no regrets in making that decision. Ironically, although the sushi there is out of this world amazing, my absolute favorite item on their menu is their BAKED SALMON. Also, please note this, establishment is all you can eat. The first time I tasted that salmon, I immediately became resolved to find a way to replicate it.


This was no ordinary baked salmon though – this was a premium, voluptuously endowed, perfectly proportioned sliver of a large salmon filet. The outside was seared to perfection, however upon biting into the Salmon seemed to practically melt in your mouth, subsequently resulting in an avalanche of butter, salmon flavor, and spices – with a consistency fit for royalty.

I probably end up eating an entire salmon every time I go there, it’s that good – however visiting this place every night isn’t something I really am able to do. So from that point, I decided I wanted to figure out how to replicate the amazing salmon I had here.

I tried many things… Boiling salmon, lighting searing salmon and hoping the inside was done, I tried baking salmon wrapped tightly in foil – I even tried using a pressure cooker. Nothing came close to what I experienced at Santos (the restaurant name), not even remotely close.

Enter “Sous Vide”. I have no idea how I came across this method of cooking things, but ever since I have, nearly every main meat course I prepare is cooked via this method. Sous Vide is a method in which you vacuum seal your food, and then put the bag in a bowl/pot of water ALONG WITH an attachment that regulates the temperature of the water ensuring that the water is kept at that specific temperature. The result of this is that food is cooked evenly, completely throughout.

After the cooking process has been completed, the next phase is normally to pan sear the meat, locking in the amazing flavor. The end result, is a tender, juicy, melt in your mouth entrée. I’ll include some videos