Sushi rolls in the USA

When thinking about sushi, one might generally immediately think “raw fish” of some sort, right? Strips of delicious raw salmon, cubes of ruby-red tuna, slices of earthy eel. I’m always looking for the next best sushi experience – I like to document my favorite sushi treats and the locations they can be found at. That being said, I became curious as to what the general public may have thought – and boy was I surprised at the results…

As a sushi aficionado, I immediately assumed that actual “sushi” would top the list. After all, if you’re going to eat sushi, you should actually eat raw fish, right? Most grocery stores carry “California style rolls” where there is only cooked fish wrapped in seaweed and rice. I never like to buy these as I feel that subjecting my taste buds to such an inferior form of sushi (which I consider to be an art-delicacy by the way), would be an insult to my taste buds that have become accustomed to an array of fish and flavor combinations – with my fellow sushi snob friends sharing similar sentiments.


With this being my, and my sushi snob cadre’s position on the delicacy, I was surprised to find that we, in fact, were the minority. After studying multiple polls, I was shocked to find that sushi rolls containing raw fish, ranked as the LEAST FAVORITE ROLLS! The more exotic the fish, the LOWER IT RANKED! Upon beginning the research I at the very LEAST expected salmon to rank in the top 3 – yet it DID NOT. The top-ranking rolls included a combination of crab, cucumber, shrimp and tempura. Surprisingly, eel ranked at number three but this was only for the dragon roll where a thin slice of the fish is placed on top of the roll. Spicy Salmon and Spicy Tuna did make it to the top 5, so based on the list I am seeing that in America, sushi is not about consumption of exotic and flavorful combinations of fish, herbs, and sauces – but rather about enjoying a limited spectrum of what has become acceptable in western society.

Any roll containing fruit and exotic fish were ranked the lowest. Thanks to America’s nature as a melting pot, hopefully, we continue to see exotic and foreign foods introduced into our restaurants and dining experiences as time goes on. The world has so much to offer and there is so much we have yet to experience. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go order some sushi.